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Stroke or brain attack is the leading cause of death and disability in rural India. The number of ischaemic strokes (blockage of an artery that supplies the brain) worldwide in different countries is estimated at 1.2 million in India, 2 million in China, 640,000 in the USA,120,000 in the UK, and 40,000 in Australia.

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The George Institute for Global Health has joined hands with health groups around the world, calling on Coca Cola & PepsiCo to acknowledge the burden of sugar related diseases in Children and to stop hard-core marketing and advertising of the sugar sweetened beverages to them. The groups have written to the CEO’s of Coca-Cola and PepsiCo and also the companies’ major institutional investors in the run-up to Coca-Cola’s annual meeting on April 27 and PepsiCo’s on May 4. 

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It’s an invention that could save millions of lives each year and transform the way advanced kidney disease is treated around the world.

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For the first time, researchers will investigate the burden of fractures in low-middle income countries (LMICs) and describe the current treatment practices in a global multi-centre study, the largest of its kind.

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A new pilot study conducted by the George Institute for Global Health has revealed that the outcome of dialysis in people with end-stage kidney failure is affected by both clinical as well as economic and social factors. Planning or expansion of dialysis services in the country should keep both these things in mind.        

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The George Institute for Global Health today launched an innovative nutrition application – FoodSwitch – aimed at helping Indians make healthier food choices and cutting the epidemic of chronic lifestyle diseases.

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China’s past progress in healthcare and future opportunities can help not only the Chinese people live better and longer lives, but can also drive global advancements in healthcare delivery, said Josette Sheeran, President and CEO of the Asia Society, in a major speech in Beijing hosted by The George Institute for Global Health.

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Hundreds of millions of people worldwide could benefit from more intensive treatment to lower blood pressure, according to new research.

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A  first-of-its-kind Certificate Course in Critical Appraisal Skills (CASP) for Public Health Journalism and Communication was launched today in the presence of over fifty academicians, Government representatives, media and students. The course is designed for media students and mid-career journalists, editors and government officials.

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High blood pressure, high blood sugar, household air pollution from solid fuels, unsafe water sources and smoking are the top risks associated with health loss among Indians.