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We must move beyond the din and noise of such news involving celebrities and address the real issues, says the George Institute for Global Health.  


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Since 1990, diabetes and other musculoskeletal disorders have replaced diarrheal diseases and vision problems as leading causes of years lived with disability, or YLDs, for women; falls now rank higher for men.

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World Hypertension Day is celebrated every year on 17th of May to raise the public awareness about hypertension, its preventive measures and complications. 

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Wearing motor-cycle helmets is an effective way of reducing risk and yet, the wearing rate remains low in India and other low and middle income  countries. For the first time, the new motor-vehicle rules which have been presented in the Indian  Parliament recently highlight measures addressing child safety, and this must be extended to enforce motor-cycle helmet wearing in children.

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George Institute for Global Health urges disaster relief professionals to follow the International Society of Nephrology Disaster Relief Task Force field guide

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Less than 10% of Indian patients with advanced kidney failure patients have access to Renal Replacement Therapy, while up to 70% of those starting dialysis die or stop treatment, due to cost, within the first 3 months. 

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The George Institute for Global Health, in partnership with UNICEF  and Reuters, has endeavoured to  develop educational programs for journalists in an effort to address the challenges of   public health starting with improving immunization coverage and vaccine up-take in India.

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India needs to resist controversial trend to change guidelines for people with diabetes and continue focus on aggressive, targeted blood pressure lowering treatment.

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In India, back pain can affect 35% of people living in urban centres and one fifth of those in rural settings.

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Today, fewer people are dying from pneumonia and diarrheal diseases in India, according to a new, comprehensive analysis of trend data from 188 countries.