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Dialysis outcomes in India: a pilot study

TitleDialysis outcomes in India: a pilot study
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsJha, V, John, O, Joshi, R, Kotwal, S, Essue, B, Jan, S, Gallagher, M, Knight, J
JournalNephrology (Carlton)
Date Published05/2015
ISBN Number1440-1797 (Electronic)<br/>1320-5358 (Linking)
Accession Number25611750

Long term prospective studies of health outcomes for dialysis patients are common in many parts of the world, but have been rare in India. As renal replacement therapy becomes more widespread and more affordable, the measurement of patient outcomes and comparison with national and international benchmarks will be a valuable tool in planning health services and demonstrating effective use of resources. To this end we describe a pilot study of dialysis outcomes in India which could form the basis of a comprehensive national program of data collectionMethods. 100 incident patients commencing chronic haemodialysis in two north Indian nephrology centres will be followed prospectively for 12 months. Clinical outcome data will be collected comparable to that used by established dialysis registries in other countries. The economic impact of dialysis upon patients is central to the use of this treatment, so data will be collected on the direct and indirect costs of the treatment and the economic impact of dialysis on the patient and their family.Value of project. This prospective cohort study of dialysis outcomes in northern India is a pilot for the collection of similar comparative data in dialysis centres in different states across the country with a view to the development of a national dialysis registry. The information on the economic impact of dialysis on patients and their families will provide one of the first detailed insights into this critical aspect of dialysis services.