India-UK seminars

India-UK seminars are one hour monthly seminars at The George Institute for Global Health, held over video-conferencing, bringing together our UK and India staff to present and deliberate on a scientific topic.

These seminars provide opportunities for researchers from India (Hyderabad, Delhi and Bangalore) and the UK (Oxford) to share their studies/projects, and is structured to facilitate presentations for 30 or 40 minutes followed by discussions for 20 or 30 minutes. Seminars are normally held for 10 months each year on the last Wednesday of each month, with presentations from India and the UK during alternate months. UK-India seminars occasionally are held as teaching seminars.

These seminars provide a platform for researchers across continents to interact regularly, and to learn and exchange ideas.


India: Dr. D Praveen dpraveen@georgeinstitute.org.in

UK: Premjith Cheruvath premjith.cheruvath@georgeinstitute.ox.ac.uk