Endometriosis silently affecting lives of women – Let’s talk about it

Endometriosis silently affecting lives of women

The George Institute for Global Health India is pleased to invite you to a panel discussion on “Endometriosis silently affecting lives of women – Let’s talk about it” The discussion offers an opportunity to understand endometriosis and its impact on women’s health, existing evidence gaps, and current challenges to ensure early screening and treatment for improving quality of life and overall well-being of women suffering from endometriosis

About Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a chronic condition in women where tissue found outside the uterus causes pain and/or infertility. This disease affects roughly 10% of women and girls in the reproductive age group (15-49 years) globally. In India approximately 26 million women are suffering from this gynaecological disease.

Endometriosis  has significant social, public health and economic consequences as it severely impacts physical, mental and social well- being of women. The life impacting pain during periods, sexual intercourse, heavy bleeding, chronic pelvic pain, fatique and infertility decreases overall quality of life. 

Often known as a missed disease endometriosis remains a neglected gynaecological condition of women due to delay in diagnosis and treatment from the onset of the symptoms. Lack of  awareness among women and healthcare providers causes this lengthy delay. There is a need for initiating discourses and raising awareness about endometriosis for early diagnosis and treatment, and to support and empower women affected by it. 

Mark your calendars for 2nd December 2021 | 11 AM IST

The Panel will discuss

  1. Endometriosis and its impact on women and girls living with the disease
  2. Key evidence gaps and challenges for early diagnosis and effective treatment of endometriosis
  3. Action points to ensure effective prevention, early diagnosis and improve management of endometriosis to support women living with the disease

Our Speakers

  • Pramathes DasMahapatra - General Secretary, Endometriosis Society India
  • Rahul Gajbhiye - A Clinician- Scientist, ICMR-National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health, Mumbai, India [ also a member of Endometriosis Society of India and International] (Confirmed)
  • Aruna Nigam – Professor and Unit head, Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, New Delhi
  • Prachi Kathuria - Deputy Director, HRIDAY and Secreteriat of the Healthy India Alliance
  • Sonam Ramanna – Sales & Operations Manager, Intercraft Trading Pvt. Ltd. 

Our Moderators

  • Preety R Rajbangshi - Senior Research Fellow, The George Institute for Global Health, India
  • Joysula K Lakshmi - Senior Research Fellow, The George Institute for Global Health, India

Key Takeaways

  • Understand endometriosis,  and impact of endometriosis on women’s health and well-being
  • Type of actions required and role of various stakeholders increase awareness, improve early diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis


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