India health innovation contest 2017

George Institute for Global Health India as part of its 10th Anniversary in collaboration with University of New South Wales, Sydney is proud to announce the India Health Innovation Contest 2017. This contest is open for medical and engineering students in India, with a dream to create something new, aspire to make a difference and contribute to India’s success towards becoming a truly healthy nation.

There are very few models of healthcare across the world that meet the needs of citizens. In India, healthcare expenses are also one of the leading causes of poverty as people often incur huge expenses disproportionate to their income and end up in debt for the rest of their lives. This need and opportunity to fix health care through ideas and innovation can transform millions of lives. Models made in India can scale across to impact health of nations world over. 

Give your ideas an opportunity to change lives. Your innovation with technical support from George Institute for Global Health and UNSW, Sydney could evolve into a new paradigm in health.

How to participate in the Contest:

1) Think of an innovative idea and Design a solution which addresses one of the three health challenges below and has the potential to create the next big health innovation: 

  • How can people be empowered to take increased health ownership by themselves
  • How to strengthen the Primary Healthcare delivery in India
  • Technology enablement in health – Self-management in chronic diseases

2) Register your team on the submission portal. 

3) Submit your Proposal - It should cover the following aspects:

  1. Introduction – define the problem you are addressing, the extent of the problem
  2. How can the problem be addressed – why do you believe your approach will help solve the above problem
  3. Innovation – describe how your innovation addresses the problem, how is it different from what has already been tried out, what is the unique value your approach brings to the solution proposed.
  4. Working concept– how will you go about designing, prototyping and testing your innovation - methods, timelines, feasibility and clinical validation
  5. How it will impact the health condition, how it will impact the community, how you propose to achieve scale and make it cost effective.

Last Date of Submission:  23:59 (IST) on December 1, 2017

Prizes worth INR 50,000 to be won, Finalist would be invited to the 10th Anniversary event of The George Institute on 15th December 2017 at New Delhi.

Click here to Register in the India Health Innovation Contest 2017