Prince Mahidol Award Conference (PMAC) 2022 – The George Institute is co-organising a side meeting on Systems Thinking

Prince Mahidol


About PMAC 2022

In the field of global health, the Prince Mahidol Award Conference (PMAC) has for many years distinguished itself in terms of its convening power, thematic relevance, and policy engagement thrust. For health policy and systems researchers, practitioners and decision-makers, this meeting offers a unique opportunity to understand and locate themselves in global debates, regional perspectives, and to move beyond research in the health space.

The 2022 PMAC theme – “The World We Want: Actions Towards a Sustainable, Fairer and Healthier Society”, aims to take a long view by focusing on the ‘mega trends’ that will shape the rest of this century and the complex interplay between them, including how they are already reshaping our global health landscape. PMAC 2022 will consider how the experience of the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the geopolitics of global health, implications of key shifts in the makeup of the world’s population, the opportunity gains, and threats of exponential technological change, and that most urgent of ticking clocks the imminent and evolving threats to global health and wellbeing posed by climate change.

Side meeting on system thinking

The George Institute is pleased to announce its participation in the special PMAC 2022 Side Meeting on Systems Thinking entitled “What can systems thinking offer us on the path to the world we want?” happening on 24th of January 2022 | 15:30 – 17:00 IST. This meeting is being co-organised with the Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University, Thailand and The Systems Thinking Accelerator (SYSTAC), under the aegis of the WHO Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research to connect health systems thinkers across the globe.

In the pandemic context, as well as in the context of the climate crisis, there is a growing need to act on upstream determinants, acknowledging interdependencies and dynamism inherent in reform processes. However, engagement with the idea of systems thinking has been confined to contexts, mostly led by the Global North and a lack of engagement with processes, ideas, and movements of the Global South.

This meeting will set up a series of conversations and explorations on the meaning of systems thinking, and the practical entry points it offers based on country experiences, for improving health and well-being across low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) across the region and the world.


Scene setting, welcome address and moderation

  • Dr. Borwornsom Leerapan - Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University
  • Dr. Devaki Nambiar _ Program Head Health Systems & Equity, The George Institute for Global Health, India, and Southeast Asia Region Board member, Health Systems Global (HSG)
  • Dr. Katherine Reyes - Health Policy and Systems Specialist and Western Pacific Region Board member, HSG

Global applied systems thinking and overview of the SYSTAC initiative

  • Dr. Aku Kwamie - Health Policy & Systems Researcher, WHO Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research

National application of systems thinking for health policy forecasting - a view from Malaysia and beyond

  • Dr. David Tan - Head of Experimentation at the UNDP Accelerator Lab, Malaysia
  • Dr. David McCoy - Research Lead, United Nations University Panel Discussion - District level health systems reform using systems thinking tools: building a community of practice during a pandemic
  • Dr. Daniel Cobos - Project lead, Health Systems and Policy Research Group, Swiss Tropical Health & Public Health Institute
  • Dr. Carmen Sant Fruchtma - Scientific Collaborator, Swiss Tropical Health Institute
  • Prof. Shamsa Zafar - Child Advocacy International
  • Dr Lucia Mupara - Institute of Development Management, Gaborone, Botswana
  • Dr Muhammad Khalid Bilal - Public Health Practitioner, Pakistan
  • Dr Antonio Bonito - WHO Regional Office, Timor Leste


  1. To showcase applications of systems thinking in and beyond our region that has implications/lessons for health policymaking
  2.  To explore concepts outside of the Global North that link up to systems thinking 

For attending other sessions and more information about the conference, please visit the PMAC 2022 website.