Find out which sites are the highest recruiters and crucial updates for hospitals


  • Currently, only the Anti-Coagulation arm is open in India. We are awaiting approval from DCGI for the Anti-Viral arm (intervention: Nafamostat)
  • Please continue to enter all data into the database (Spinnaker), particularly the primary outcome (WHO 8-point ordinal outcome scale, need for vasopressor/inotropes), any SAEs and IP administration. Please continue to send The George Institute team, feedback on the database. 
  • Monitoring is currently underway to ensure data completeness. The Data Safety and Management Board is meeting on the 21 July to review an interim analysis of data on the first 300 patients recruited. 
  • When a patient is uncontactable at Day 28 and their status is unknown: An ‘unknown’ option will be added on the Day 28 form for certain questions to account for this. This will not be implemented before the 7th of July. In the meantime, if the information is truly not available, then please leave blank. Just note that certain questions are ‘from randomisation’ so could be inferred from the patient’s hospital stay, e.g. ‘total cumulative days hospitalised’ post randomisation and ‘total cumulative days free of invasive or non-invasive ventilation’ post randomisation. These could be fairly accurately estimated assuming the patient was not re-hospitalised at a different hospital.

The ASCOT-ADAPT trial is being conducted across the following hospitals:  

Sites in India:

Christian Medical College, Ludhiana
Sterling Multispecialty Hospital Pune
Christian Medical College, Vellore
Samishta Hospital & Research Institute, Guntur
Jivanrekha Multispeciality Hospital, Pune
Aditya Multispeciality Hospital, Guntur
Core Hospital, Chakan, Pune
Symbiosis University Hospital & Research Centre, Pune
Al Ameen Hospital, Ahmedabad
Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Jaipur
Apex Hospital, Jaipur 
Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, Jaipur
Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Manipur

Sites in Nepal:

Regulatory and Ethics procedures are underway.

Top Recruiters

We acknowledge the incredibly challenging circumstances our colleagues in India, and the whole of the country, are going through at the moment. The fact that sites are continuing to enroll patients is a great testament to their work and commitment. There are currently 640 patients randomised across 13 hospitals in India. Congratulations to Jivanrekha Multispecialty Hospital for being the top recruiter. Welcome to our most recent recruits - Mahatma Gandhi Medical College in Jaipur and Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) in Manipur.

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