our research

How our research is different

People, not test tubes

We understand the need for developing and testing context specific and resource sensitive approaches to preventing and treating major public health problems. We focus on the chronic and critical conditions because they cause the greatest loss of life and the greatest impairment of life quality. People are important to us, and we pay special attention to societal inclusiveness and removal of inequities.

Faster results, better health outcomes

In biomedical research, it often takes decades before research findings are translated into medical practice. Our goal is to generate evidence that can bring about visible improvement in quality of life and health outcomes within a five-year timeframe.

Seeing research through to practice

In addition to sharing our research with the biomedical community through publications in journals and presentations in scientific meetings, we actively engage in the translation of our work into practice. We work with all stakeholders including policymakers to bring the best available evidence into decision making processes. We develop and test novel technologies and other innovations to prevent and treat disease, for use by healthcare workers in communities.

Unique funding model

As part of our unique funding model, our commercial enterprise, George Health has exclusive commercialisation rights to the intellectual property of The George Institute. Comprising of four complementing businesses - George Clinical, and three social enterprises, George Medicines, George Health Technologies and Ellen Medical Devices - George Health aims to deliver impact with robust financial returns.