TGI and AIGGPA to collaborate in research to improve the health of people in Madhya Pradesh

BHOPAL, JAN 27. The George Institute for Global Health (TGI) in India and the Bhopal-based Atal Bihari Institute of Good Governance and Policy Analysis, (AIGGPA) a think-tank of the Government of Madhya Pradesh will work together to generate evidence that will inform healthcare decisions to reduce premature death and disability in Madhya Pradesh.

The two organisations will work together in a number of key health areas to make health services better in the state. An MoU between the institute and TGI was executed on January 25. The MoU has identified various key areas on which this collaboration will work. TGI has rich experience in rapid evidence research and their experience will be used in further studies. These areas include research in non-communicable diseases, capacity building of ANM and other grass root workers, lowering deaths due to snakebite and road traffic injuries through research-based interventions, knowledge management in health sector etc.

The partnership will focus on a range of topics of public health importance, including but not limited to snake bites, road traffic injuries, hypertension, and primary healthcare informed by evidence synthesis. The aim of collaboration is to inform health systems and policy decision making through joint publications, forums, seminar, and other dissemination activities at both state and national levels.

A memorandum of understanding was signed at the AIGGPA campus here today by Amit Khanna, Director, Finance and Operations, The George Institute, India and R Parasuram, Director-General, AIGGPA. 

Welcoming the partnership, Amit Khanna said we at TGI look forward to collaborative work in a State that has come forward to use high quality evidence to improve the life of its people.

“Through this partnership, we would endeavor to demonstrate use of innovative approaches to create system-wide change for the people at the bottom of the pyramid,” he added.

Mr. Parasuram. Director-General, AIGGPA, said the areas to work on include working in a collaborative manner to enhance the capacity building so that the outreach of the services becomes better. He said that there are a number of areas on which we have to work including systemic improvements. Health is a focus area in MP and an area of concern to government.

The MoU seeks to explore other opportunities where the skills and expertise of both organizations can be beneficially combined.  “This partnership between AIGGPA and TGI is very exciting and I look forward to working together for policy relevant research particularly around snakebite, and road traffic injuries in Madhya Pradesh” said Dr Soumyadeep Bhaumik, research fellow, TGI, India adding “We also look forward to creating expertise in the area of systematic reviews and rapid evidence synthesis which can benefit policy making in the State ”