George Institute conducts free eye camp in slums of Ranigari Thota in Vijaywada

The George Institute for Global Health, India, as part of the urban health project in Vijayawada funded by the HCL Foundation, conducted an eye camp in Ranigari Thota in partnership with Akira Eye Hospital on Saturday, 28th of July at the community centre within one of the selected slums.  

Doctors, counsellors and technicians from the Akira Hospital conducted investigations and prescribed treatment to the participants. The camp was conducted between 12 PM and 5 PM bearing in mind the different work and school timings of the people in the community.  
Free medication was provided to those who required them and free glasses were prescribed to all the people that required them. About 90 participants have been prescribed free glasses. The glasses will be distributed following the completion of the camp. Those community members, who required an eye surgery, were counselled and counsellors provided detailed information and health education to the participant to motivate them to get the surgery.  

"The health challenges of people living in urban slum communities are quite different from those who live in rural areas. Through these camps in the identified urban slums of Vijaywada, we are not only trying to build a rapport with the community but also getting to identify and appreciate the health challenges in terms of both access to services as well as information. We hope that this will help us devise appropriate strategies with community involvement to tackle their issues"

says Dr Praveen, Programme Head, Primary Health Care at The George Institute for Global Health

A total of 220 members of the community attended the free camp and availed various services. Children, women and elderly came to the camp and availed the benefits of the camp within the slum. Our project team was engaged in community mobilization, campaigning and logistic arrangements for the eye camp. Local support was extended by the Municipal Corporator of the slum, Mr Damodar Kavati.