George Institute researcher talks mHealth with the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases

Dr Praveen Devarsetty, Senior Research Fellow at The George Institute for Global Health India, has been featured for his research into how mHealth technology can be used as a low cost, high impact healthcare tool in the latest Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases Annual Report.

Dr Devarsetty said that his most recent project, SMARThealth has the capacity to transform health care by providing high quality care at a low cost.

“This is only possible if the mobile technology is properly harnessed and well integrated within the existing health care delivery system strengthening the existing services and filling the gaps.

“Despite a number of studies demonstrating the usability of mHealth applications, the current evidence base is insufficient to guide decisions on policy and practice.”

Dr Devarsetty said the strategy was well accepted by the end users i.e. villagers, non-physician health care workers and doctors as demonstrated in the pilot.

“It increased the opportunities for people within the community to get screened and managed by the public health care facilities.”

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