Webinar to focus on “Mental Health of healthcare workers in the COVID-19 situation”

NEW DELHI, APRIL 22. As part of its awareness series on COVID-19, the Confederation of Indian Industry is joining hands with the George Institute for Global Health, India to offer a webinar on “Mental Health of healthcare workers in the COVID-19 situation” on April 27 from 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm.

Those who will speak on the occasion include Dr Pallab Maulik, Deputy Director, George Institute for Global Health; Dr Rajesh Sagar, Prof of Psychiatry, AIIMS;  New Delhi; Dr Mercian Daniel,  Program Manager - Mental Health, George Institute for Global Health; Dr Amanpreet Kaur, Research Fellow- Mental Health, George Institute for Global Health and Ms Merin Thomas, Nursing officer, AIIMS, New Delhi.

Topics to be covered during the webinar include mental health issues confronting health workers, simple strategies to overcome stress, expert opinions on addressing more serious mental health issues and reflections on the mental health of health workers.

Mental health researchers from TGI India have developed tips based on evidence-based strategies and resources from WHO and UNICEF, to maintain one’s physical and psychological well-being in the current situation.

“Lockdown during Covid-19 presents mental health challenges for everyone who are confined to their homes, but the healthcare workers are under tremendous stress. While they strive to serve patients, who are infected with the corona virus, many must face stigmatization in their neighborhood which is unfortunate,” says Pallab. 

The World Health organization has published detailed guidelines for healthcare workers to maintain their psychological well-being during COVID-19.  Referring to the guidelines, Pallab said “Feeling under pressure is a likely experience for many health care workers. It is quite normal for them to be feeling this way in the current situation. Stress and the feelings associated with it are by no means a reflection that they cannot do their job or that they are weak. Managing one’s mental health and psychosocial well-being during this time is as important as managing your physical health.” 

 Some healthcare workers may unfortunately experience avoidance by their family or community owing to stigma or fear. This can make an already challenging situation far more difficult. “If possible, staying connected with your loved ones, including through digital methods, is one way to maintain contact. Turn to your colleagues, your manager or other trusted persons for social support – your colleagues may be having similar experiences to yours” Pallab said, referring to the WHO guidelines.

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