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A retrospective audit of hospital claim data from a large community health insurance program in South India has revealed that despite universal access the uptake of surgery is still at the level of a low-income country.

One of the premier medical journals in the world has profiled The George Institute, calling it “one of the world's most renowned global health research institutions.” 

Close on the heels of signing an MoU with PGI, Chandigarh in September 2014, the George Institute has now signed an MoU with the CMC Ludhiana Society

Quick decision to seek care can prevent death and improve health among older adults with  hip fracture 

India can learn from the experience of Australia and reduce the number of fatalities on its roads by following a safe systems approach and by ensuring the principle of shared responsibility and commitment towards vision zero.

Can mobile technology be scaled up to offer improved care for people suffering from cardiovascular disease and hypertension? 

It is with much sadness that we mark the passing away last week of Professor Wang Hai Yan, a member of our external Research and Development Advisory Committee (RADAC).

There is need for developing strategies targeted at young individuals to prevent incidents of premature mortality, says a new study by the George Institute for Global Health, India.

The George Institute for Global Health India's Smart Health intervention is designed to demonstrate that technology and process innovation can help reduce the burden of  cardio-vascular diseases in rural India.

Carrie Deane can’t remember anything from the night she was struck by an oncoming car, but the injuries she sustained would take well over five years to heal.