The George Institute For Global Health
United Kingdom

Our impact

Our mission is to improve the health of millions of people worldwide

In 2015, The Lancet called us "one of the world's most renowned global health research institutions"Our research is helping people all over the world to lead healthier lives, be it by transforming the way healthcare is delivered or by identifying the most effective, safe and affordable ways to prevent and treat chronic disease and injury. The George Institute is at the forefront of finding healthcare solutions with a single goal in mind: to improve the lives of millions of people around the world, today and in the future.

You won't find us in laboratories or working with microscopes, but instead we work with communities, clinics, hospitals, healthcare providers, governments and other organisations engaged in the business of delivering healthcare. We conduct large-scale clinical trials, epidemiological studies, health services research and other innovative studies, looking for ways to directly impact health outcomes and save lives within a relatively short time frame. We publish our research findings extensively, but also engage in a systematic program of advocacy to promote uptake into policy and practice.

The escalating burden of chronic disease and injury falls disproportionately on low- to middle-income countries and disadvantaged populations. As such a major focus of our work is on affordable and scalable healthcare solutions that transcend social and economic and geographical barriers, typically leveraging technology and innovation.

With major centres in Australia, China, India and the United Kingdom, and offices around the world, The George Institute operates globally as well as locally to target the biggest health priorities plaguing our time.