ASHAs the backbone of India's primary health care

Community health workers or ASHAs (accredited social health activists) are a key resource in India’s health care system as non-physician health workers, affording vital connection between consumers and the health care system. Drawn from within the community, their unique reach and familiarity with the local population is a great asset that can be leveraged to improve healthcare delivery.

In this episode of The Scan, we hear from Dr Rohina Joshi, Scientia Associate Professor of Global Health at UNSW's School of Population Health, and Senior Manager and Senior Research Fellow at The George Institute, she is an in-house expert on community health workers. She reflects on how ASHAs first came to play a role in India’s health systems as connectors with marginalised communities, and how they are now the backbone of primary health care in the country. Rohina also considers how COVID-19 has challenged the work of ASHAs, and describes the vulnerabilities they face. See for privacy information.

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