Chhavi Bhandari: International Women's Day 2019 Profile

Chhavi Bhandari has a management background with multi-disciplinary experience spanning strategy, business operations, business development, intellectual property and innovation strategy over a nine-year career in the healthcare sector. She joined The George Institute for Global Health in 2019 to develop and implement our global health strategy.

Chhavi was attracted to The George Institute by the opportunity to work for an organisation that aims to help everyone in the world live a healthier life.

In her previous corporate role at icare NSW, she led the strategy development and establishment of an innovation program that leveraged assistive technologies to help people who have been severely injured in motor accidents.

“One of the many solutions we implemented was using smart-home technology and voice-controlled hands-free devices to help people with disabilities be more independent and gain control of their home environment.”

“It was absolutely inspiring to see how simple solutions can have a huge impact on the life of people with severe injuries.”

To move towards a more gender-balanced world, Chhavi believes we all have a role to play.

“We all have to share responsibility and play a part in driving towards a gender-balanced world. A simple step would be to ‘be conscious of our unconscious biases’”.

“Implicit biases are everywhere and we all make them without even realising. These can be influenced by our background, cultural environment and personal experiences, and affect our actions towards others based on many different factors, including gender.”

“Once we can honestly recognise them, we can then learn ways to have a conversation, overcome and change them.”

Chhavi says authenticity and passion should be the guiding principles for anyone pursuing a fulfilling career, regardless of gender.

“Preconceived notions should have no bearing on your career aspirations. Surround yourself with people who encourage you and give you honest feedback. Find a role model, mentor and a sponsor - cultivating these relationships, male or female, can be useful for everyone, in any field or career.”

Reflecting on this year’s International Women’s Day theme, #Balanceforbetter, Chhavi takes a very personal approach.

“Balance to me means the elimination of conscious and unconscious biases.”