Madhuri Dutta: International Women's Day 2019 Profile

Research facilitator Madhuri Dutta has been working in research administration for eight years. Specialising in research management and administration, Madhuri joined The George Institute for Global Health nine months ago. 

Madhuri was first attracted to a professional research career during her PhD and post-doctoral research training. Realising the positive contribution that timely assistance and advice can play in research outcomes, Madhuri was drawn to the role of a facilitator.

“I am motivated by the promise of working with bright minds around me every day, and enjoy bringing together researchers with varied expertise into one research project. It is inspiring to learn from different fields and play a key role in formulating cohesive projects.”

As a research facilitator, Madhuri’s heart is always with the early career researchers, who she considers the future of any organisation.

“Enabling the research environment for emerging researchers is both my long-term personal and professional goal.”

Her advice to other women thinking about getting into research is to always be self-motivated and excited about what you are trying to achieve.

“Identify why you want to pursue a career in research and what would make you happy in your work and never lose sight of that. If you are excited about what you do, you will find your happiness.”

“Be open to constructive feedback and reach out to mentors, peers and even the younger generation for inspiration to innovate constantly in your area of work.”

“Strategise and build your niche, enrol in courses that hone your skills in a particular area; collaborate and develop your network. Organisations will invest in people who bring something new to the table that holds promise.”

For Madhuri, ‘balance’ is about appreciation and maintaining a healthy social network. 

“My balance comes from being grateful for this life and for the people around me who enable my life.”

“For me, balance is being able to bring forth the peace and harmony within, into my personal and professional spheres.”

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