Controlling Hypertension in rural India (CHIRI) - Overcoming barriers to diagnosis and effective treatment

This project aims to do a survey to compare the prevalence and barriers to receiving health care for people suffering from hypertension across three sites in rural India and develop a suitable intervention strategy.


The project will be completed in three phases covering adults >30 years in 10 villages:

  1. A cross-sectional study to assess prevalence, awareness and treatment of hypertension
  2. Qualitative studies including focus group discussions with individuals with hypertension and in-depth interviews with health care providers will be conducted to identify individual and system level barriers to hypertension control
  3. Develop and pilot a hypertension control program using a hypertension registry; capacity building of health care providers; and implementation of a hypertension card with details of BP recordings and medications used.


Study has ended. Data is being entered and analysed.