Injury survey

Since injury was the second leading cause of death, two surveys were conducted in 2005 and 2008 to determine the main causes and risk factors for injury.


To determine the causes of non-fatal injury in a rural population of Andhra Pradesh.


An interviewer-administered cross-sectional survey was conducted between February and April 2005. Injury prevalence was estimated from an age and sex stratified random sample of adults 30 years and over that was done in 20 villages. Data collection was done by trained interviewers who administered a structured questionnaire. Participants were asked about injuries sustained in the previous 12 months


Response rate of the survey was 81%. Injury was reported by 6.7% of survey participants. Falls were more common in women, with most (72.3%) attributable to slipping and tripping. Road traffic injuries were sustained mainly by men, and were primarily the result of motorcycle crashes (48.8%).