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Arting for Mental Health

The George Institute for Global Health, India and the Wellcome Trust/ DBT India Alliance teamed up in August/September 2018 to promote a unique collaborative project, called “Arting Health for Impact” as part of which artists and researchers came together on one platform to promote awareness on mental health, especially workplace stress.

As a first step, a one-day workshop on workspace stress and its management was organised on August 30 in New Delhi. This workshop included open discussions, experience sharing and creative arts sessions to help participants understand, express and engage with the complexities of mental health This was followed by a public engagement event on September 14 at the Saket Select City Walk Mall where live art and theatre performances was held with all partners present. The event was open to the public. Customers visiting the mall got to interact with the artists, community representatives and biomedical practitioners, allowing the interaction to influence the artwork.