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STOP CKD – tackling chronic kidney disease in India

Chronic kidney disease of unknown origin has been prevalent in the Uddanam region of Andhra Pradesh in South East India for over two decades. Many have succumbed to the disease and many more await their death slowly but surely. While the prevalence of chronic kidney disease averages at 6-7 per cent across India, in the Uddanam region this rises to a crippling 27 per cent.

This film chronicles the plight of people living with this devastating disease through the voices of two patients, one of whom lost her brother to this disease. While the root causes are being researched, the film talks of how: awareness-raising and counselling; making dialysis and medicines freely available and accessible close to home; providing financial assistance to patients and integrating the health system response with primary care is making life easier for affected individuals and their communities. The Government of Andhra Pradesh is spearheading this work with technical support from The George Institute for Global Health, India.