HENI Equilogues: Social movements for health equity

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The Health Equity Network India (HENI) secretariat co-hosted at The George Institute for Global Health, India and The Institute of Public Health, Bengaluru is organising the 19th Equilogues underlining the theme “Social movements for health equity”, sharing experiences and narratives of grievance redressal for patient rights violations in Karnataka, India. 

Mark your calendars for 19th August 2022 | Friday | 1500-1630 IST

Keeping health equity as the guiding principle, social movements for health across the globe strive for justice and upholding health (care) rights of individuals and communities. Social movements for health challenge inequitable health policies, structures of authority, unjust research, and health care practices. They are an important political force driving social change.  

In a recent paper published in BMJ Global Health, Ms. Meena Putturaj and others have captured the struggles of a collective grassroot movement in Karnataka, India to secure justice for aggrieved health care seekers through the formal grievance redress system.paper  

About the Equilogues

In the 19th HENI Equilogues, Ms. Putturaj will be joined by Mr. Shivaputrappa Malladada, who is a representative from the Community-based organisation (CBO), which  supported the aggrieved care-seeking individuals in a subdistrict in Karnataka. She will present an overview of her paper -  Crying Baby Gets the Milk?: The Governmentality of Grievance Redressal for Patient Rights Violations in Karnataka, India.

Following this, Ms. Putturaj will have a discussion with Mr. Malladadha about the aggrieved community’s struggles and strategies to obtain justice with the formal grievance redressal system for a case of alleged patient rights violations reported in a public health facility in Karnataka. Additionally, they will deliberate on the way forward for social movements at a time when the civil space in democratic countries is shrinking


  • Ms. Meena Putturaj – Public Health Researcher, PhD Fellow, Bengaluru, Karnataka

    Meena is a nurse and holds a master's degree in community health nursing and a master's degree in public health from the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Belgium Currently, she is pursuing a PhD in Public Health in which she examines the governance for the implementation of patient rights in health facilities in the state of Karnataka. 

    Meena Putturaj
  • Mr. Shivaputrappa D Malladada – Social Worker, Rannebennur, Haveri District, Karnataka

    Shivaputrappa holds a graduate degree in journalism. He has been involved for some time with the women’s collective of the aggrieved health care seeking individuals and spearheads the collective efforts in the pursuit of justice in a case of alleged illegal hysterectomies conducted in poor rural marginalised women