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Training frontline health workers for providing COVID-19 home care to rural communities in Uddhanam

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People with pre-existing health conditions like diabetes, hypertension and chronic kidney disease living in rural communities of the country are at increased risk of developing complications due to COVID-19. Many of them are also unlikely to have access to information about warning signs of low oxygen, pulse oximeters or oxygen and life-saving medications.

We propose to work with community leaders and self-help groups in the Uddhanam region of Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh and equip frontline health workers in early recognition of the warning symptoms and signs. We also are aiming to initiate early interventions in the homecare setting by using telecommunication tools such as WhatsApp and mobile phones.

A unique community oxygenator lending programme is also being envisaged that will allow revolving availability of oxygen as per need with strict infection control processes undertaken by trained volunteers / healthcare staff.

In addition, we are developing a package of interventions including essential health information in local languages and easy to comprehend short videos. We will provide home care kits comprising of thermometer, pulse oximeter, antipyretics, masks etc for household use when someone is symptomatic.

Towards this end, we are working with a technology partner and will be deploying a mobile messaging based remote monitoring system to identify those at risk and ensure timely support and triage. We also envisage that medicines for pre-existing conditions would need to be delivered at the doorstep of people when entire families are infected with COVID-19.

We have prior experience in such care coordination during this pandemic and hence, we propose to implement this project over a period of six months

Week 1 – Week 2

  • Developing the self-management guidance, information sheets and translation to the local language
  • Training of healthcare workers
  • Testing of the messaging tools

Week 3 – Week 4

  • Pilot testing and roll out of the programme

Week 5 – Week 22

  • Implementation of the messaging tool for home-based monitoring.
  • Triage and referral
  • Home care kits and Home delivery of medicines for pre-existing diseases

Week 23 – Week 24

  • Report writing
  • Dissemination of the model for scale up with relevant agencies


We will cover a target population of about 1 lakh persons in the high NCD burden district of Srikakulam in Andhra Pradesh where we are already working with communities to prevent chronic kidney disease of unknown origin.

We need financial assistance to support 5000 families with home based care, doorstep delivery of medicines, community oxygenerators and remote patient monitoring

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